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All glory is to the Almighty Creator, His Peace and Blessings be on all His Messengers and their just and devoted companions.

Universal Organisation is a Social Spiritual Centre founded by Late Mr.VIRANI, whose main aim is “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD”. He was born and brought up as an Ismaili and followed Islam. He was specially chosen by The Almighty to carry out the Lamp of True Knowledge and spread it amongst all those who needed his spiritual guidance, in order to secure and beautify their present life and the hereafter.

His life was full of struggles and hardships which he overcame due to his faith in The Almighty. Though he did not have the opportunity of much academic education, he was a multitalented person who authored many famous books like, “SIDDHI NA SOPAN”, a Gujarati Quarterly Magazine and also “MITTI KA GHAR AUR PATTHARON KI DUNIYA” (House Of Dust And World Of Stones) which has been translated and published in many languages. He has also penned a few plays and dramas, most famous being “MUSAFIR KHANA” and “MAMTA”

His oratory power was such that his speech and words, though being simple, brought the message of universal love and peace. His affectionate look penetrated even the fierce hearted, bringing solace and comfort to innumerable people who came in contact with him by reaffirming and strengthening their faith and belief in The Almighty.

He was a great religious teacher, a social reformer, a moral guide, a wonderful companion - many in one.

It was for this selfless great personality to conquer the hearts of people of all religions all over the world by His great qualities. He was also actively supported by his wife, Mrs. Gulbanu Virani, who played a great role in enhancing this organisation with her moral support and sacrifice.

He departed from this mortal world leaving behind his values and preachings in the memories of thousands of his followers, on whom he worked relentlessly his aim of Universal Brotherhood.

The Organisation establised by Mr. VIRANI is being presently lead by his son, Mr. SADRUDDIN VIRANI, also an Ismaili; who is carrying forward the lamp of Knowledge and good work.

One of our goals is to ensure that our young generation acquires an excellent, balanced and proper outlook of education, behavior, conduct, truth and religion; there by growing up to be well developed citizens of the Society.

Our organsation embodies a family culture and environment, having great bonhomie between each of our members, forming fruitful relationships amongst them.

The basic principles on which our Organisation works are:

The Members of the Organisation spread all over the World, follow the principles of HUMANITY, respecting the people of all faiths, religions, castes and creeds.

The Organisation conducts weekly programmes at various Centres, besides Annual Programmes for social and spiritual awareness.

May The Almighty Creator shower His most sacred blessings on all of His creations.